Other photos of my majesty
Dancing school
My majesty (left) in dancing course (April 1979).
Month later I have met my sweetheart (my wife).
(Bratislava, Karlova Ves, Cultural house next to Gymnasium of Ladislav Sara)
Army duty
My majesty (right) during army duty (December 1984).
Beer and table tennis were the only pleasure during the army duty boredom.
Ski vacation
I hate skiing (the only sport I am not gifted in), but my wife loves it.
(High Tatras, Slovakia, March 1988)
Ski vacation
Same ski vacation. I hate skiing, but love a beautiful slovak nature and scenery.
Statue liberty island
Mine and my wife's first photo in USA (September 1988).
(New Jersey, Statue of Liberty island)

My family - Turks and Caicos (2001)
My kids (Miso and Sasha) found the little kitty cat
My majesty and daughter Sasha
I and my son Miso on the beautiful beach

Bratislava 2002. Visit of my homeland - Slovakia (next 4 pictures)
My mom,my brother's son Jakub and brother Rasto waited for me on the airport
I (bottom - middle with the ball) and my favorites - Inter Bratislava boys
From the left: Karol BREZIK (assistant trainer), my majesty, Eleg JAKUBICKA (goal keeper trainer, Jozef BARMOS (trainer)
I (right - why am I saying that - it is obvious anyway) and Stanislav KROPILAK - best slovakian and Inter basketball player ever