My majesty with kids (USA 1997)


        My name is Michael Vana and I was born on 12. of May 1961 in Bratislava, former Czechoslovakia. I live in USA since 1988 with my family.I am a big fan of ASK Inter Bratislava since wearing a diapers ( when I was 3 years old, my father took me first time to the football match ).
        Why I have became a fan of ASK Inter Bratislava, I do not know till now (father use to take me both, on Pasienky and Tehelne pole). Maybe because Inter Bratislava has had much less fans, than Slovan Bratislava.
        I have became one of the most loyal and fanatic fans of Inter Bratislava. When there was at least some money available, I use to accompany a team through out the Czechoslovakia.
        The day before leaving Czechoslovakia (USA), I attended a last match " Inter - Dukla Prague 3 : 2". After a game I experienced an unpleasant feeling in my heart, because I new, this might bemy last match. (Luckily not - since then I was already back in my homeland couple of times).
        Tank's to the Internet, I have gained a real link with my homeland Slovakia (always my homeland) and its football (soccer). With ASK Inter Bratislava, I had experienced merry and joyful moments, which I will remember till my last day on the planet Earth. Sad moments occurred too.
        Flag with the emblem of ASK Inter Bratislava hangs on the wall in the middle of "Slovak corner" in my apartment.
        This page is dedicated to football (soccer) club ASK Inter Bratislava, its players who I use to admire, and other fans I use to root for Inter with. I added some statistics what I remembered.

        Some data are missing, because presently I live in USA. If you ever find some data missing, not correct, or if you would like to add  something to this page about ASK Inter Bratislava, do not hesitate and contact me via :
                                                    E- mail          or        my Guestbook.